About Dit Pulterkammer

We are a Self Storage company that offers storage for private and business

About Dit Pulterkammer in Aarhus, Randers and in Kolding

Dit Pulterkammer has capacity for storing almost anything
Dit Pulterkammer® is a Self Storage company offering personal storage for private individuals and storage hotel facilities for companies. We have five branches, of which three are located in Aarhus, one in Randers and one in Kolding. Dit Pulterkammer is the ideal solution for both private individuals and companies that are short of space for storage. The convenient location of our facilities is our priority, and we make sure that your storage unit is always easily accessible. The facilities of Dit Pulterkammer are located close to our customers’ residential areas or place of work.

The concept of Dit Pulterkammer is Self Storage which means that as a customer you arrange for the transport and movement of your belongings when bringing them or picking them up. Dit Pulterkammer puts at your disposal the facilities for the transport of your belongings. This means trolleys, hand trucks, stepladders etc. Why not try our space and price calculator to get an idea of the size of the storage unit that you need?

Dit Pulterkammer – a flexible and safe annex
Actually, you can consider Dit Pulterkammer® as a kind of annex to your home or to your business. An annex which is available in different sizes, for short or long time – and located in Aarhus Nord, Aarhus Syd, Aarhus Vest, Randers or in Kolding.

If you are in the neighbourhood, please feel free to drop by our facilities or call us on +45 87 37 02 03 – 7 days a week between 6.00 and 23.00. You can also book and pay online and then move in right away.

Electronic access control at the entrance and exit ensures secure access during the opening hours of the facilities from 6.00 to 23:00 7 days a week. Our Self Storage units are built of solid Trapez profile steel plates and covered by wire mesh. You can secure your storage unit by using a strong padlock.

The outdoor areas of the facilities are fenced, and an electric gate ensures that only people on legitimate business at the facilities will get access to the area. In addition, the indoor and the outdoor areas of the facilities are under video surveillance.


Dit Pulterkammer A/S is the parent company in a concern which consists of five branches:

  • Dit Pulterkammer Aarhus Nord
  • Dit Pulterkammer Aarhus Syd
  • Dit Pulterkammer Aarhus Vest
  • Dit Pulterkammer Kolding
  • Dit Pulterkammer Randers

The bank details of Dit Pulterkammer are:

IBAN: DK5373100001005970
Account: 7310-0001005970, Jyske Bank

Central Business Register No. 25598032

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