Outdoor Units

Get easy access to your storage – any time

Our Outdoor Units are outdoor containers where you can safely and easily store your personal belongings – for example when moving house- or you can use the space for storage for personal effects or as storerooms for business purposes. The Outdoor Units can be accessed all year round from 06:00 to 23:00.

Parking right in front of the door
You can park a car with or without a trailer, a commercial van or a removal van right in front of the door of your Outdoor Unit. This makes it easy to move in, retrieve and deliver whatever you need.

High level security
The site where our Outdoor Units are located is under video surveillance and can be accessed via a password, while access to your storage room itself must be secured with your own padlock. When renting outdoor storerooms please note that you need to contact your insurance company to ask them which type of padlock should be used for locking your room.

Lots of space
Our Outdoor Units are well-suited for storing most types of goods. The Units come in two sizes:

  • 14 cubic metres – Width 2.8 x Depth 2.3 x Height 2.2 m
  • 29 cubic metres – Width 2.3 x Depth 5.7 x Height 2.2 m

The door is 1.7 m wide and 1.9 m high. This means that the Outdoor Unit can easily accommodate high and/or wide objects.

No temperature controller
The containers have no temperature controllers. This means that the temperature inside the containers will change during the year. We recommend that you avoid storing objects which are sensitive to low temperatures or variation of temperature, such as electronic component, paintings, or antique furniture.

To avoid condensation inside the container, please also be aware that the things you leave in your Outdoor Units must be dry.

If you need a storeroom with a constant temperature and a constant air humidity, you need to go for one of our indoor storerooms. Click here to get an overview of all our vacant rooms

Outdoor Units

  • Access all year round from 06.00 to 23.00.
  • The Units are located outside which means that you can drive right up to your storeroom, when you move in or when you pick up or deliver your belongings.
  • The width of the door is 1.7 m and the height is 1.9 m. This means that our Outdoor Units can easily accommodate high and/or wide objects.
  • The Units have no temperature controller. We therefore recommend that you avoid storing furniture, equipment and other objects which are sensitive to low temperatures or variation of temperature.

Outdoor Unit, 14 cubic metres

Our 14 cubic metre Outdoor Unit is about half the size of our 29 cubic metre Outdoor Unit. Dimensions: width 2.8 metres, depth 2.3 metres, and the height 2.2 metres.

Outdoor Unit, 29 cubic metres

Our 29 cubic metre Outdoor Unit was designed for those who need plenty of space. Dimensions of the container: width 2.3 metres, depth 5.7 metres, and the height 2.2 metres.

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