Solar panels in Randers

The great indoor climate at Dit Pulterkammer comes from solar panels

In Randers, we have recently bought and installed solar panels on our south facing gable. Here the sun heats air that flows in which provides optimal conditions for your belongings and ensures you a dry and healthy indoor climate. We take good care of your belongings while at the same time reducing the CO2 emission of Dit Pulterkammer. The objective of our new investment is to obtain an advantage on the financial and not least the environmental bottom line.

A few details on the technique behind the great indoor climate of Dit Pulterkammer
The solar panel controller ventilates the building at the right time, which means that the humidity is kept at a level that is optimal for the indoor climate. The solar panels are mounted on a south-facing wall where the solar heated air is blown into the hall. At the other end of the building – at the northern side, exhaust fans are mounted which enable the building to be “rinsed” with fresh air whenever required.

Optimal indoor climate
Ventilated and solar heated air provides optimum conditions for your belongings and ensures a dry and healthy indoor climate.

Reduced CO2 emission
Air solar panels is an advantage to the financial as well as to the environmental bottom line.

Nature’s own medicine
Solar heated air draws in moisture and blows it out of the building again – natural respiration.

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