Do you need storage space now that you will be studying abroad?

We offer long-term storage with loyalty discount and store your belongings in a dry and safe space

I will be studying abroad

What will you do if you live in a flat or in a shared apartment and need to leave it all behind to study abroad? To most people, it might be a bit too inconvenient to bring along all their belongings to the new country – but what else can you do? Many people who will only be staying for a single term choose to sub-let their accommodation. This might make the moving process less cumbersome. Nevertheless, all your personal belongings, including clothing and electronics must be packed and set aside. Maybe you also have a chair, a bed or other pieces of furniture which are of particular importance to you. Of course, you can try to squeeze in a handful of moving boxes with your parents, but this might not always increase your popularity. Have you decided to terminate your rental and are now stuck with loads of furniture for which there is practically no space in your parents’ house?

At Dit Pulterkammer® we have the solution. We rent out units for storage, and here you can leave all your belongings while you go off on your adventures and conquer the world. Our Self Storage units are dry and heated, and this prevents damage from damp and the like. To put it briefly, it is easy and secure.

Student discount with Studiz
If you are a member of Studiz, which is free of charge, you can rent a storage unit with Dit Pulterkammer for six months for the price of three months, which is paid in advance. This student discount applies to all sizes of units in all our branches.

Safe storage – we take good care of your belongings
No matter if you need storage for a long period of time while moving your life abroad or if you just need additional storage space in your everyday life, we will always take good care of your belongings. To Dit Pulterkammer® it is important that you feel completely safe, and that you know that you do not need to worry about any belongings that you have stored with us – we take really good care of them.

Dit Pulterkammer is always heated to at least 13 degrees Celsius. This ensures safe storage of your furniture, carpets, clothing, paintings and electronics without any fear of damage. Efficient temperature control and air circulation also ensures that your belongings will not be damaged by damp. All our facilities are securely fenced, well-lit, under video surveillance and have access control which enables us to offer you secured storage in our facilities.

Loyalty discount – stay longer, save more
At Dit Pulterkammer, we offer a discount as a reward to our loyal customers. If you rent a Self Storage unit for at least 3, 6 or 9 months, you will get a discount of 5, 10 or 15 percent, depending on how long you rent for. Your loyalty discount will continue – even after the expiry of the tenancy period selected – and until you terminate your tenancy agreement. The agreement is in force during the entire tenancy period and will only be changed if there is an annual adjustment of prices. No surprises, and nothing in small print.

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